Precast Concrete Street Name

Signs and Prestressed Sign Posts






Cavcon concrete street signs are designed by a professional engineer. They are also produced in our quality production facility, and backed by over 40 years of experience.


Cavcon precast signs have been marketed in South Africa for over 15 years, and are specified by consulting engineers and municipalities for new residential developments, existing areas, and remote areas.


Cavcon signs are especially suited for areas of high theft risk. Some features of this fine range of signs are:


  • The risk of theft and vandalism is greatly reduced. It is evident that the vast majority of signs pilfered in South Africa are resold as scrap metal.
  • Concrete signs have no monetary value and are not suitable for use as building materials, or for or any other use for that matter.
  • Cavcon signs are maintenance free and guaranteed to last a lifetime.
  • The compressive strength of the concrete used is 50 MPa at 28 days.
  • All signs are supplied with a 3 metre tapered prestressed concrete post, together with the attaching brackets.
  • Street name signs are manufactured to comply with NMMM Drawing PSMM54 in all respects.
  • Street name signs are painted with SABS approved road-marking paint.


Cavcon street name signs are made to order. The normal delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.





















Specification for Sign Posts






The concrete shall consist of 13mm quartzitic stone, Swartkops River sand and Portland Cement, weigh-batched to produce a mix which has an average compressive strength of 50MPa at 28 days for 150mm test cubes.


 The mix shall be compacted by vibration in steel moulds, to produce dense concrete.




Prestressing Wire


The posts shall be prestressed with four 5mm diameter crimped prestressing wires which shall be accurately positioned in the four corners of the moulds to give a concrete coverage of 20mm.


 The prestressing wire shall comply with B.S. 5896:1980 having a yield stress of approximately 1500MPa and Young’s Modulus of approximately 200GPa.


The prestressing wires shall be equally tensioned in the moulds by a force producing an initial stress of not more than 70% of the 0,2% proof stress.


 No prestressing wires shall be exposed when the posts are erected in concrete.





Bending Moments


The posts are designed to resist a minimum bending moment of 2,5kNm in any position before initial failure occurs.


 (Note: The force required to break a post so that it does not fully recover is considerably greater than the above specification.)






The posts are tapered from top to bottom.


 The top of the post shall measure 80mm x 80mm nominal. The bottom of the post shall measure 110mm x 110mm nominal. The overall length of the post shall be 3000mm.


 The top of the post shall be rabbeted to form a 70mm x 70mm x 6mm tenon to accommodate specially designed street name signs.







Specification for Precast Street Name Signs





As per specification for Road Signs.




Sign Blades


The sign blades shall measure 150mm x 70mm wide with a variable length. The bottom of the sign blade shall be recessed to accommodate another sign blade so that two signs can be erected on one post at right angles to each other.


 The sign blades shall be double sided and reinforced with four centrally positioned 3mm high tensile wires.




Sign Face


The sign face shall be painted with SABS approved yellow road marking paint for the background and black enamel or black road marking paint for the stencilled letters. Alternatively, the sign face can be manufactured from 3M® Scotchlite™ materials as per the specification for Road Signs.




Sign Posts


The sign posts shall be as per the above specification for Sign Posts.






Attaching brackets and bolts shall be zinc electroplated or hot dipped galvanised steel as required.